LOCUS is a Warehouse Management System application for PC, handheld computer, tablet, smartphone or PDA, and provides real-time processing of logistic operations in SAP Business One.

Your logistics and production operators often have no need for expensive licenses to perform simple actions with respect to the flow of goods in your warehouse and production areas. In addition, these operations in SAP Business One are quite complex, especially when bin location management is enabled in combination with batch or serial-controlled items.

This simple fact led to the development of LOCUS. When using this application, your logistics staff become important players and get fully involved in the ERP operation, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity tremendously.

Faulty stock values are a thing of the past thanks to real-time processing on any mobile or fixed device such as PDA, smartphone, tablet, handheld or simply via the web browser of a PC. The operations are simple and intuitive and result in correct figures across the board.

Documents and product labels, if necessary, are automatically printed on user or location-based printers. The transactions are adjustable and expandable by mutual consent, and are subject to user group authorization.

In short, all the basic elements are present to provide your logistics and production operators a tool that they will gladly use.

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